Beware the Impending Fury!

Behold! I bring further news on the progress of my upcoming comic story, Hel Hath No Fury, a dark romance-themed tale featuring Norse mythology’s least understood couple, Loki and Sigyn.

My collaborator, Ellis Ray III, has been hard at work. The pages are drawn and inked, and the dialogue freshly added. I’m hesitant to post any of the full pages, but I can give you a selection of teasing panels and images picked out by the artist himself (see the gallery below).

As high as my expectations were, I have to say the story turned out even better than I had hoped. It has also helped me prove to myself that, while it may have turned out dark and a little twisted, I can in fact write a compelling story involving romance. Writing hurdle: passed over!

This might be the last Norse-themed story I write for a while. Between this and my novel (for which I am currently seeking an agent) I think I’ve pumped as much as I should from that well. While it isn’t dry yet, there are plenty of other sources to choose from.

A few people have already asked when this story is going to be released, and I’m afraid the only answer I have right now is sometime in the next couple of months. The official deadline for all submitted stories is the first of August, and afterwards there are editors’ comments, revisions, and finally the wait for the books to come back from the printers. However, I will let everyone know the release date as soon as I find out.


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