In this bold new world of Image, there is a whole host of stories that are designed to purely entertain.  However, every once in a while there is a story that also makes you think.  This time I’m reviewing a book that’s one part real-world psychological drama and one part far-flung fantasy.  I’m talking about Joe Kelly’s and JM Ken Niimura’s epic story, I Kill Giants. Read Full Article

Fire.  So much fire.  Fire so hot and expansive that not even being covered in a foot of ice would save you from being burned.  The only way you could survive in this inferno would be if you were made of fire itself.  Fortunately, that wasn’t really a problem for the flame’s current inhabitant.  It was born of these fires, and it would die of these fires, again, and again, and again.  Such was the life of a phoenix.  Both blessed and cursed to live one lifetime after another, always the only one of its kind.  Why it was chosen for this task, it wasn’t sure.  What purpose it was supposed to fulfill, no one had ever told it.  All it knew was the continuous cycle of death and rebirth that had no known beginning nor end.  The phoenix looked around before it started to gather up the beginnings of its next death pyre.  The next burning would come soon, and it wouldn’t do for it to miss it.

Notes: Sometimes I muse on what the life of a phoenix would be like; this was the result.

This is the first scene I ever wrote for the novel I’m currently working on, tentatively titled Children of the End.  I didn’t use it for the beginning, but it’s too soon to say it might not end up somewhere else.  Even so, the ideas in this scene inspired a hundred other ideas.  It’s amazing that so much of what I have written now came from a scene not even 500 words long.  Read Full Article