Current Projects

Novel: Children of the End

Genre: Fantasy

Status: 100% Complete, Seeking Representation

It was written that the wolf age shall come on the heels of the winter of winters. They shall rise up from stone and shadows, speak with winds and strike with lightning. The worlds shall flood, the skies shall be set ablaze, and the dead shall once again march on the fields of Midgard. Beware the wolves, the harbingers of the Ragnarok…

Those few lines of an incomplete prophecy spilled from the lips of Odin, father of the Norse gods, were enough to spell doom for the sons and daughters the great wolf Fenrir. However, even though Fenrir fell, his line lived on, shunned, hunted, and forced underground.

This was the life into which the young wolf, Soren, was born. An outcast, even among his own blood, it took a series of ill omens to force he and his family together in one final attempt at revenge against Odin and his ilk. With his two cousins, Alrik and Kaya, and Halle, an unexpected friend from among humanity, Soren seeks the answer that might help them escape the End by prying a forbidden prophecy from the lips of Loki, the most malicious trickster the world has ever known.

In an adventure that takes the four of them from one edge of Midgard to the other, facing off against men, monsters, and even gods, Soren and his pack end up unraveling a secret that will shake the nine Norse realms to their very foundations.


Novel: Shadows of Pangea

Genre: Science Fiction/Steampunk

Status: 30% Complete

(Synopsis forthcoming)

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