Hey, Look at the Funny Hats!

Wow. This is awkward. Believe me when I say that I never meant to go this many months without updating. I apologize for this. A lot’s been going on, including some things I’ve been looking forward to, some things I’ve dreaded, and some things which are a little bit of both.

I started this blog when I was studying at Trinity College in Dublin, so it shouldn’t have come as a shock when much of my dedication to keeping updating it faded when I left Dublin at the conclusion of my coursework. The regular schedule of writing and classes faded away and was slowly replaced by the hunt for suitable work and trying to build a life more fulfilling than the one I had before I went off to school.

GraduationFor the most part I succeeded. I picked up a job as an assistant editor on a reviews website (Playback:STL), I reconnected with some old friends, and most recently I landed some great freelance journalism work. Everything else seemed to slip away as I fell into a fluctuating routine of work, friends, and writing. I continued editing my novel, but after a certain point even that fell to the wayside due to some Trinity academic regulations preventing me from seeking a publisher until after I received my degree. Now, however, it seems like my time in Limbo has come to a close because as of two weeks ago I finally got my degree (Yay!).

So here I am, Masters Degree in hand, on the first page of a new chapter in my life. Where this new path will take me, I’m not sure. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t frighten me a little. When I look ahead now I see a realm filled with countless possibilities as overwhelming and daunting as the white of a blank page.

In case you haven’t noticed, one advantage of being a writer is having a never-ending source of book metaphors ;)

I’m going to rededicate myself to this blog, because if nothing else it’s one of the few things outside of NaNoWriMo that keeps me accountable. I’ll try to keep you all up to date as I begin my search in earnest for an agent and then hopefully a publisher, as well as share any amusing stories bits and insights I happen to gain along the way.

One of the new things I’m considering is taking up WordPress’ offer to turn this blog into my own domain. I don’t know exactly what this move would entail. Anyone out there have some advice?

One thought on “Hey, Look at the Funny Hats!

  1. Wishing you well, will look forward to the view in that you provide here. And, just saying, this piece is well written. Your time has been well spent on your craft as well as your life.


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