Know Your Ghosts

This is why I love mythology.  Every piece has the potential to stand as its own narrative.

The Norse reference in this surprised me.  I thought I was fairly well-versed in the Norse tales, but I guess this just shows that for everything you know there are at least a dozen more you have yet to hear of.

The Mask of Reason

It’s been a while, but as we start to approach All Hallows Eve, I believe it’s time to dust off the KYG section of my blog, and today I have a special ghost, the ghost of the living or recently (as in VERY recently) departed, the Fetch.

Originating in Ireland, a Fetch is a doppelganger spirit; it takes on the appearance of someone who has just died or is just about to die.  A Fetch will usually appear to the loved ones of the individual and will appear to be perfectly normal, if somewhat distant or distracted.  Additionally, the Fetch will sometimes appear ghostly or shadowy, and may vanish down alleys or halls if followed.

A Fetch is not actually the ghost of the person it appears to be; indeed, often the person imitated is still alive.  Instead it seems to be a phantom that simply takes the same form…

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