science fiction

So, for part five on my ongoing series about the changing face of Image I’m going to discuss a series that, combined with the discovery of Chew, made me give Image a second chance.  To make a horrible pun, it’s Proof that Image has more to offer than beefed-up superheroes.

Proof, written by Alex Grecian and illustrated by Riley Rossmo, is a series that was first described to me as a combination of Men in Black and X-Files, with the part of Mulder being played by a sasquatch named John “Proof” Prufrock.  Read Full Article

So, here starts part two of my Homage to Image, this time featuring the strange and turbulent tale of Cowboy Ninja Viking.  If the name alone doesn’t grab your attention then you have earned my respect for having a tremendous tolerance for the bizarre.  The first thing I said when I heard it was, “Are you serious?” Read Full Article