Anyone who’s been watching the news or has spent more than ten minutes on any social media site knows that right now the east coast is in the midst of an unenviable blizzard. It’s effectively shut down several prominent cities and painted itself all over the news as a result.

This has created quite an issue for a great many people, and I, as a simple man, have come up with a fun, simple, and highly impractical solution:

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Every reader has at least one book or series that can best be defined as a “guilty pleasure.” You don’t read it because everyone else did, or because it’s intellectually stimulating, or even because you might want to recommend it to others. You read it simply because you like it, it makes you laugh, and maybe gives you a cheap thrill.

However, every once in a while, a guilty pleasure can surprise you. It becomes something more than what it was in its origins, something deeper than what you thought it was capable of being. This was my experience with Adam Warren’s Empowered, a graphic novel series published through Dark Horse Comics.

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