So this week I’m starting a compendium of my favorite Image series, the kind of series that have effectively redefined the way I view Image as a publisher, so I thought what better way to start it off than to talk about an Eisner Award winner and one of my all time favorite comics, Chew. Read Full Article

For the longest time I had a slight prejudice against anything produced by Image Comics.  It wasn’t because of any particular creator, character or event, but mainly because most Image creations seemed the same to me, or at least they weren’t shockingly different than most of the other comic creations out there.  True, they tended to dwell on a darker breed of superhero with more muscles and less realistic proportions, but they were still your typical superhero stories.  Battles were fought, villains defeated, and the status quo maintained, nothing Marvel and DC didn’t do or didn’t do better. Read Full Article